Back in 2011, Hayadi’s founder, Zaid Bakeer, was a busy stylist in the DC area. As he perfected each of his clients’ style, he found himself searching for products that would enhance their cut and extend the life of their color. But as each product rep visited the salon, Zaid became dismayed that they were essentially pitching the same low-quality ingredients in different packaging.

So he set off to create something of his own.

Zaid wanted to offer something different to his clients—a line that had honest, natural ingredients that matched the quality of any salon-grade product on the market. After tweaking the formula with a top chemist and partnering with a California-based manufacturer, Zaid launched the Styled by Hayadi product line. 

Following on the success of the products, and Zaid’s signature reputation, in December 2015, Hayadi Salon opened its doors in Annandale, Virginia.

We believe in listening to what you’re looking for, being honest with our recommendations, and involving you throughout the styling process. Regardless of who’s working on your hair, you’ll feel taken care of and cared for.

We’re also committed to finding your best features and accentuating those through a custom cut and color experience. That means you get the look you’re hoping for, and not just the latest trend.

Hayadi Salon

“There’s a reason I drive two hours to see them. The outcome is always consistent. They’re the absolute best.